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Config or install OpenGTS For Windows
Date 27/10/2010 11:11  Author Yazid DM  Hits 16460  Language Global
For Windows users:

• JAVA_HOME – The Java JDK (NOT the JRE) installation directory.
• ANT_HOME – The Apache Ant installation directory.
• CATALINA_HOME – The Apache Tomcat installation directory.
• GTS_HOME – The OpenGTS installation directory.

The location of the installation 'bin' directories for the Java SDK, Ant, and SQL database server installations,
needs to be added to the command execution PATH environment variable (if the installation process has not
already added them to the PATH variable). This can be accomplished through the "System Properties"
window as follows:
– Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties", the "System Properties" window will display.
Select the "Advanced" tab, then press the "Environment Variables" button.
– In the "System Variables" section, add the following variables:
Variable Name: JAVA_HOME (required for building OpenGTS, and running Tomcat)
Value: (The location of your JAVA SDK Installation Folder, NOT the JRE)
Variable Name: ANT_HOME
Value: (The location of your Ant Installation Folder)
Variable Name: CATALINA_HOME (required for building OpenGTS)
Value: (The location of your Apach Tomcat Installation Folder)
Variable Name: GTS_HOME
Value: (The location of your OpenGTS Installation Folder)
(Quotes should NOT be used to enclose an installation directory for these environment variable
specifications, even if the directory contains embedded spaces)
– Prefix the following to the "Path" environment variable in the "System Variables" section (create a new
"Path" variable if one does not already exist):
(Quotes may be added to the PATH variable if necessary)
– Click "OK" on the "Environment Variable" window.

– Environment variables may be defined in a command shell with the “set” command, as in the following
C:\> set GTS_HOME=C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3
– Environment variables are referenced by enclosing them in '%'. For instance, after setting the environment
variable JAVA_HOME to point to your JDK installation directory, this environment variable would be
dereferenced as “%JAVA_HOME%”.
– The file path separator is the back-slash character “\”. So, while on Linux a file/directory could be
referenced as “$JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext/.”, on Windows this same directory would be referenced as

Set the environment variables:
Prior to compiling the OpenGTS source code, at least the following environment variables should be set in the
command shell where the code will be compiled (or set previously through the "System Properties" window):
• JAVA_HOME should point to the J2SE/JDK installation directory (NOT the JRE).
• CATALINA_HOME should point to the Apache Tomcat installation directory.
• GTS_HOME should point to the GTS installation directory (eg. "/usr/local/OpenGTS_1.2.3/").
(Windows Users: When setting environment variables, quotes should not be used to enclose an installation directory,
even if the directory contains embedded spaces)
Install the MySQL Connector/J jar file (if using MySQL server):
Copy the MySQL Connector/J "mysql-connector-java-5.1.X-bin.jar" JDBC driver jar file into the following
• $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext/.
(where $JAVA_HOME is the location of your Java installation)

For Example

C:/OpenGTS_1.2.3> ant all

When using the ".bat" version of the commands in a DOS window, command arguments such as
-rootUser=root must either be enclosed in quotes, as in "-rootUser=root", or be specified with a colon
instead of an equal-sign, as in -rootUser:root. Thus, on Windows, the command is:
bin\initdb.bat "-rootUser=userName" "-rootPass=userPass"
Where 'userName' and 'userPass' should be replaced with the appropriate root user and password.

C:\> cd %GTS_HOME%
C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3> bin\checkInstall.bat

C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3> bin\checkInstall.bat

C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3> bin\admin.bat Account -account:sysadmin -pass:password -create

Replace the above "password" specification with a secure password.
You should then be able to log in to the "sysadmin" account to see the new "System Admin" tab.

Installing “track.war”

please see

C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3>ant track.war
C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3>ant track.deploy
C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3>ant events

C:\zzz> cd %GTS_HOME%
C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3> bin\dbAConfig.bat -schema

C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3> bin\dbConfig.bat -tables:ca

C:\> cd \OpenGTS_1.2.3
C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3\> \bin\runserver.bat server

C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3\> \bin\runserver.bat server -port:31123
To set listening on port "31123".

C:\> cd \OpenGTS_1.2.3
C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3\> \bin\runserver.bat template

C:\OpenGTS_1.2.3\> \bin\runserver.bat template -port:31123

so run in browser


Example Screen Shots:

Form Login

Form Menu

Form Map

Gud Luck.... By YAZID DM
good job.. very clear
thank you
I've done all the steps. At no stage obtain an error , but when entering http://localhost:8080/track/Track I can´t see nothing (Only a Error 404)

I have a doubt in this step:

C: OpenGTS_1.2.3 > bin server runserver.bat

What should I put in "server"? I have tried and dmtpserv Aspicore and still not working.

Thank you for your help.
i have this problem

ERROR: "buildlibtools.jar" not found!
Possible reasons may include one or more of the following:
- This command is not being run from the OpenGTS installation directory
- The OpenGTS project has not been compiled properly
- The GTS_HOME environment variable has not been properly set
ERROR: "buildtrackWEB-INFclasses" not found!
Possible reasons may include one or more of the following:
- This command is not being run from the OpenGTS installation directory
- The OpenGTS project has not been compiled properly
- The GTS_HOME environment variable has not been properly set
This condition may cause false errors/warnings to be reported!
java -Djava.awt.headless=true -classpath buildlibtools.jar;buildlibgtsdb.jar;buildlibgtsutils.
ibservlet-api.jar "-conf:C:Stage_OpenGTSOpenGTS_2.6.2default.conf
" -log.file.enable:false
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